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Industry-Leading Compliance

Eileen BreezeDirector
The foundation of our payroll services is industry-leading compliance advice, strategies and processes. These are vital to ensure we maintain full compliance for workers, agencies and end-hirers at all times, keeping pace with the continual changes in legislation and regulation. 
With our deep understanding of payroll regulations, we’re proud to take a low-risk approach to managing payroll for workers and the businesses we support. Our approach to compliance is based upon expert advice and reinforced by the BoostPay Promise. 
Industry-Leading Advice
Our experienced in-house compliance team is supported with expert advice from tax advisors, solicitors and HMRC. Our advisory partners are Aspire Business Partnership, led by ex-HMRC investigator, Alan Nolan. Aspire advise BoostPay on the steps we need to take to maintain full statutory compliance at all times. 
Our compliance checks cover multiple areas with extensive legal advice on Tax, VAT and Employment Law, including:
  • Section 44 Intermediaries Legislation (SDC)
  • CITB Levy 
  • Apprentice Levy
  • Umbrella T&S Legislation
  • PSC Legislation
  • Section 8 / Right to Work Regulations
  • AWR Legislation
  • IR35 Legislation
  • Trade Union audits confirming compliance

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What are the impacts of non-compliance?
HMRC and employment legislation is there to protect workers, businesses and to collect the appropriate taxes from workers. For this reason, non-compliance is a serious matter with major consequences if you or your workers are found to be in breach. 

Financial Risk
HMRC can apply fines and penalties for non-compliance which can be backdated for up to 6 years. For most workers, agencies and businesses, the financial impact of these are significant, threatening the viability of the business. For agencies, this includes potential debt transfer under MSC regulations. 

Reputational Risk
Businesses and workers who are found to be non-compliant suffer significant reputational damage which can affect your future contracts and income. Where businesses have a choice, they will be wary of working with a person or business seen in the industry as ‘high-risk’.

Business Disruption
HMRC investigations are exceptionally time-consuming and stressful. This distracts you from your day to day work and will reduce your income. 

Personal Impact
If you are a director of a company, you may have personal liabilities from non-compliance which you are not protected from. As a worker, any HMRC action will directly impact you. 
Why do we request the information we do? 
Keeping workers and the businesses compliant, requires robust processes and continual checks to keep up with changing legislation. When you register with us, we’ll ask for the essential information we need to ensure full compliance. 
We’ll also ask for copies of original documents to support proof of ID and address checks. As well as visual checks, we use the latest software to analyse documents for forgery and tampering. 
We understand that in some instances, we will ask you for information that you may have already provided to an agency or trade contractor. These checks are there to protect you and all other workers and so are an essential step, however, rest assured, we will always keep duplication to a minimum.

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 Keeping Your Data Safe
As a trusted payroll provided, we are required to hold your personal data including your personal information, bank information and your proof of identity in the event that HMRC seek to investigate us. 
We’re proud to hold the ISO 27001 accreditation for our Information Security Management System as part of the steps we take to keep your data safe.

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Eileen BreezeDirector