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Cracking Down on Non-Compliance

Eileen BreezeDirector
Taking compliance seriously is a fundamental part of our values, to make sure we can provide clients with a highly effective service, protect workers and also to support our colleagues. Furthermore, some may not even be aware that this is a government requirement by law, making you liable to huge fines and potential prison time if you are not compliant. Because of this, we carefully monitor the compliance of our workers before and during their projects. Our compliance team supports every part of BoostPay protecting our teams, clients and candidates.
At BoostPay, the Compliance Team manages our accreditations, policies and worker documentation. Our Compliance Team monitors company documentation such as data protection, privacy, workplace safety and health and safety to name a few. 
Our Compliance Team also ensures the training of staff and departments on these policies are kept up to date so employees understand the points of call for situations, such as supporting workers on-site if an incident does occur. This is why compliance is so vital for protecting everyone as covers so many areas of the business and supports all departments.
"Compliance is a reactive team and the chain of checks ensures non-compliant workers don't slip through the line. We actively train our employees within the company and with apprentices working within our compliance team, it brings a fresh energy to the frontline. It really is so essential these days to have a comprehensive due diligence process in place to avoid legislative headaches, especially where we have such a large workforce."
Elle Cummings, Risk and Compliance Manager
Managing Risk for Our Clients and Workers
Consistent checks are put in place at BoostPay involving checking documentation to make sure fake credentials are not being produced – which unfortunately is more common than you would expect. This isn’t solely right-to-work documentation, this includes fraudulent CSCS cards, essentially faking qualifications in a plea to get a job role they are not actually qualified to do. Our compliance team were able to spot 5 fraudulent CSCS cards in the last few months, showing how very present the risk is, and how vital a compliance team is. 
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The checks the Compliance Team undertakes are also important steps in the fight against modern slavery, helping to protect vulnerable workers from abuse and forced labour. Modern slavery is a sophisticated crime, often hard to detect and terrifying for vulnerable workers trapped in these situations.
What Checks Are Undertaken And Systems Used:
    • Passport / ID Cards (verified using Trust ID)
    • Proof of Address & Proof of National Insurance
    • Share Codes (where applicable)
    • Skills Card (front & back and verified using checking systems)
    • Trust ID is the verification tool we use for checking all British passports, Gov UK Share Code Website checks all EU and Non-EU share codes and cards are checked against CITB, ECS and GQA.
Challenges Overcome
The Compliance Team has to overcome new challenges every year as legislation and regulations change. In recent years, the development of mandatory share codes since leaving the EU in 2020 spiked a number of issues. Workers who wanted to stay in the UK were left without a valid right to work, waiting on their status to be determined by the Home Office. This temporarily delayed operatives starting on jobs which had a knock on impact on trade contractors and projects. BoostPay has worked hard to ensure not only are our process compliant, but that they are fast so we can help get workers into assignments quickly to meet project requirements. 
Compliance also play an important role identifying, preventing and mitigating modern slavery within operations and supply chains. This is one of the reasons why thorough due diligence checks are completed including following checks take place:
    • VAT Account Activity Statements
    • Evidence of Payment to HMRC
    • PAYE Statements
    • Payslips
    • CIS Returns
    • Confirmatory Statements from Pension Provider to detail contributions made on behalf of employees
Supporting You
If you are an agency and would like any guidance with your own compliance process, we can support you to review these. If you are currently working with us or would like to contact us and we can provide this assistance taking the stress out of the know-how of essential requirements.


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Eileen BreezeDirector