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Payroll Dates for Your Diary

Our unique Payroll with Points offering is a great way to free up cashflow for investment or simply to give you a little breathing space. See key dates for your diary to help you plan your payments.

Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager
Our innovative payroll solution helps free up your cashflow and earn points to spend on business or personal costs.

The beauty of the solution is that you can now use your business credit cards for pay for your non-vatable business costs (inc wages, contractor fees, temporary labour), giving you up to 54-day payments terms. 
Best of all, with some business cards for every £ you spend, you earn points which you can use for personal expenses with zero BIK, saving you tax.

The tax saving using points, offsets the small fees we charge (which are less than other finance options anyway) providing you with flexible, cost-effective business financing.

And best of all, we offer this with no commitment, no setup fees, no need to change accountants or payroll providers. You can use it as a one-off or every month.

To help you plan when you want to use this solution, we've created this handy calendar with key payroll processing dates for each month of FY24.25.

BoostPay Payroll by Business Credit Card payment calendar

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Paul Parker
Paul ParkerBrand Manager