Specialist payroll for self employed workers

Self-Employment Payroll Support Contractors and Workers

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We become the contractor, supplying the worker to your business

We act as Intermediary 1, confirming each workers self-employment status, removing 'disguised employment' risk including fines and penalties backdated 6-years
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Contracts between worker and BoostPay show they are not supervised, directed or controlled

We verify each self-employed worker, prove they are not under supervision, direction and control and have the right to substitution
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Continue to provide the work you currently do

Simple payments as our contracts with the worker include your rates of pay and payment frequency, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business
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Are You Fully Protected?

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Are your sub-contractors really self-employed?

Engaging sub-contractors is complicated and getting it wrong could put your business at risk with fines and disrution. Remove disguised employment risks and simplify worker payments
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Are your workers compliant and legal?

Verifying ID, UTR and right to work documentation ensures your workforce is legal and removes bogus worker and modern slavery risk throughout an assignment
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Is your process efficient and accurate?

Payroll processing and error correction takes up valuable time which can be a drag on business growth and worker morale
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Get More Information on Self-Employment Payroll

Features of BoostPay Self-Employ

  • Industry-leading HMRC-compliant payroll
  • Worker self-employed status assured
  • Flexible products available depending on worker assessment
  • Detailed worker compliance checks throughout assignment
  • UK-based Customer Services team available to assist you and your workers
  • BACS and same-day payments for your operatives
  • Same-day remittance advice/payslips
  • Secure portal for worker payslip access and review
  • Competitive and transparent rates
  • Remove payroll admin, saving you time and money

How It Works

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Start with a confidential call with one of our Account Managers so we can find out more about your business
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We'll review your current payroll and assess the risks that you're currently exposed to and the benefits of moving to BoostPay
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Compliance Checks

Our on-boarding process seamlessly reviews all worker documents providing complete assurance of worker compliance
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Send and approve your first payroll and we'll do the rest!
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How Do I Switch?

Our knowledgable Account Team is ready to help whether you're considering using a payroll company for the first time, or looking to switch. Start with a confidential call and then let our smooth on-boarding process take over.