Specialist CIS payroll for the construction industry

Compliant CIS Payroll for Construction Workers

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Remove risks of self-employed contracting

Contract through BoostPay and we'll look after your tax and site insurances, so you're free to focus on the job without worrying about HMRC and compliance risks

Freedom to work for multiple main contractors

Our flexible contracts mean you remain truly self-employed and can work for multiple contractors. Increase your take home pay and remove disguised employment risks
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Simple setup and administration

Registration is online and secure. Once setup, we'll take care of your CIS tax payments and invoicing, notifying you by SMS when you are due to receive a payment
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How we protect you

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Fast tax status checks with HMRC

Registration is fast, with HMRC checks to confirm your tax status including UTR number. Once confirmed, we'll make the correct CIS payments on your behalf in the BoostPay monthly CIS return
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Supervision, direction and control checks

Our registration checks and contracts demonstrate that you're not under SDC, removing disguised employment risks and potential fines and penalities
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Insured and Protected On-Site

We're got you covered with public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance as standard when you contract through BoostPay CIS
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Need help?

BoostPay CIS Payroll Includes:

  • Remove the risk of 'disguised employment
  • Self-employed status established using the HMRC Employment Status Indicator
  • Exemption from CITB levy
  • Fast registration and verification with HMRC
  • Same-day payment option with remittances produced for each payment and sent the same day
  • Online pay statements showing all payments and deductions, ready for your self-assessment
  • Public Liability insurance available
  • Employers Liability insurance available
  • Gross and Net payment models available

How It Works

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Let's Chat

We'll discuss the work you do and make sure your employment status is correct
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We'll discuss the work you do and make sure your employment status is correct
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We'll discuss the work you do and make sure your employment status is correct
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We'll verify the payroll and then send you an SMS the day before payment hits your account

How Do I Switch?

Whether you're registering with a payroll company for the first time or an experienced worker switching, our team is ready to guide you through our simple registration process, so you can get paid

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